Veronica Stevany

Hello, I'm Veronica,
a Freelance UI/UX Designer.

Recygo lets people separate the recyclables trash, and call an agent to collect the trash in exchange for some money. The agent then will pile up the trash and sell it to the factories with a profit margin.


Building an e-commerce for The Negative Space, a multi-brand online selection of products that serve to complement your multifaceted lifestyles in a modern and ever-evolving society.
Recygo Agent is a companion app for agents which enables them to control the work schedule for picking up the trash which already separated by Recygo users, and receives payment from them.
This is a mixed gallery of my freelance works. I have been designing for UI/UX, branding, print advertisement, social media, packaging, website design & development, front-end development, and illustration.