Veronica Stevany



A censorship-resistant mobile app store for the multichain decentralized application.

DappStore is rethinking the way we use an appstore or playstore for web3’s decentralized applications. While most of dapps are blocked and not downloadable directly from the store, the in-app transaction on the mobile native dapps are also either blocked or have a high fee, which is not aligned with the decentralization concept. Based on this, DappStore came as one of the solutions for the problem.

High fee in-app transactions

Do you notice? Mobile native dapps like OpenSea or Rarible are not letting you buy and sell directly on the apps. Users can only browse the NFTs without ability to do transaction.

Users can  discover, follow, and collect, but not purchase NFTs directly through the app. This could be due to no in-app payments being done with cryptocurrency directly.

To allow buying and selling of NFTs on the OpenSea app, OpenSea would have to change up its pricing model as NFTs are valued based on Ethereum and not the U.S. dollar. With app companies like Google and Apple taking a cut of up to 30% on in-app transactions, OpenSea could also lose out on a lucrative revenue stream, which could cut into its growth or lead to charging more to use its platform.

This problem is become a barrier to all decentralization applications that intended to penetrate the mobile apps.

The Decentralized App Store

With a lot of community in the decentralization space, DAO is born. It is a collectively-owned, blockchain-governed organization working towards a shared mission. We might creates projects that related and support to other projects. And here’s we created an appstore for dapps that won’t take the in-app transaction fee as the business model.

People might connect their wallet here, do no-fee in-app transactions using their crypto, enjoy browsing good projects just like when we browse on the traditional appstore, looking for good apps or games. We aim for a platform where people can look for good projects, save or download it, and use it on the spot including the transaction part.

Product Research

A survey was conducted to the target audience via google form to find the needs and priority of our dappstore.

What users want to do

  • Explore all dapps
  • Explore new projects
  • Explore promising projects
  • Download/bookmark/easy to access  to the projects 
  • Information about the project
  • Review and news about the project to define how trustable is the project? (upvote / downvote review)

What do users want to see on the dapps list?

  • Dapps categories
  • Dapps’ chain 
  • Recommendation
  • Preview in image or video
  • Trust level (market cap/volume/review)
  • Whitepaper & Onepager
  • Market cap & volume

Features ideation

Competitor & reference research

  • Strength : comprehensive information
  • Weakness : cluttered navigation

  • Strength : comprehensive information
  • Weakness : Not a specific app to show dapp

Trustwallet DApp browser

  • Strength Easy to navigate, has a description on each of them
  • Weakness : Not comprehensive enough to explore many dapps

Design & Prototype

Landing Page

You can see the search bar and account manager on the header. Through the account manager, you can connect your wallet, manage dapps, and access other related setting.

Inspired by Binance app, we put the banner slider for any promotion, and 8 main categories on the content part.

MVP with light mode

Light mode – connect wallet

MVP with dark mode

Dark mode – connect wallet

Recommendation List of Dapps 

Both in landing page and inside category landing page, you can find our recommendation filtered by New Released, Popular, and Market Cap.

Recommendation on homepage

Category homepage (1)

Category homepage(2)


There are 3 variant on how to show the project on the list. All of them show the logo, category, chain, and description. One variant with three column show  the market cap and token price change as well.

App detail

Both in landing page and inside category landing page, you can find our recommendation filtered by New Released, Popular, and Market Cap.

App details with with fixed-on-scroll download button

Expandable stats information

More informations on the app details, such as chain contracts, links, categories, papers, and where to buy the tokens

Related news also available to support the investor’s research of the project

My Dapps

My Dapps can be accessed through the main category tabs (Explore & My Dapps). “Explore” is to explore all available dapps, while “My Dapps” is to access your downloaded or saved dapps.

My Dapps – tile view

My Dapps – list view

Downloaded dapp with “open” button

Filter for a faster search

Search Flow

Once you tap on search bar, your keyboard will automatically appear, and will run an auto-complete search suggestions.

My Dapps – tile view

My Dapps – list view

Downloaded dapp with “open” button

Account Manager

Inside the account manager, you can connect your wallet, access your bookmarked dapps, manage your dapps, and access the setting or getting help from the dev.

Account manger popup

Bookmarked dapps

Manage (update, open, delete) dapps

Account setting

Key Takeaway

Currently the mobile market is being dominated by Apple and Google, that makes hard for the dapps to penetrate the mobile market. There are too many rules, fees, blockage, that made the dapps stay as the web-based platform. This dappstore is a small step to penetrate the mobile market. We hope when the market condition getting better in the future, more solutions can be implemented to solve the problem.