Veronica Stevany

Hello! I'm Veronica Stevany

Product & Brand Designer

I’m a product designer and brand designer specializing to create a user-centric design from zero to one. Currently, I’m working remotely for VegaX Holdings / Konstellation Tech, a digital asset management company based in South Korea.

I’ve been designing and directing for brands both major local and international companies for years, with mostly UI/UX design and logo + brand identity projects.

These past couple of years I got a significant interest and a lot of projects in the financial technology, crypto, and web3 industries. So you might find these type of projects dominates my portfolio ;).

Over the last decade I’ve created insight-led, human-centred experiences for a diverse group of brands:

Poliwallet Apps

Using Fluence and Aqua, Poliwallet is a wallet that enables users to mint, display, and do transactions of their NFTs directly from the wallet. This project is developed for a hackathon.

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VegaX Mobile Apps

VegaX helps investors unlock enhanced returns via index-based investment strategies. The mobile apps of VegaX provides an easy investing experience for investors who are new to crypto.

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Hold my Ledger offers the opportunity for anyone in the community to contribute, collaborate and earn while supporting the most exciting projects in the blockchain industry.

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Alkemy 1.0

Alkemy is a part of the Konstellation Ecosystem enabling the staking and minting of DARC stablecoin and synthetic asset investing.

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Recygo lets people separate the recyclables trash, and call an agent to collect the trash in exchange for some money. The agent then will pile up the trash and sell it to the factories with a profit margin.

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Recygo Agents Companion

Recygo Agent is a companion app for agents which enables them to control the work schedule for picking up the trash which already separated by Recygo users, and receives payment from them.

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The Negative Space

Building an e-commerce for The Negative Space, a multi-brand online selection of products that serve to complement your multifaceted lifestyles in a modern and ever-evolving society.

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Miscellaneous Works

This is a mixed gallery of my multidisciplinary works. I have been designing for UI/UX, branding, print advertisement, social media, packaging, website design & development, front-end development, and illustration.

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