Veronica Stevany


HoldMyLedger DAO

Hold my Ledger offers the opportunity for anyone in the community to contribute, collaborate and earn while supporting the most exciting projects in the blockchain industry.


Hold my Ledger is a DAO focused on expanding and evangelizing the most promising projects in blockchain to reach their full potential in global adoption and proliferation.

In order to do that, Hold my Ledger offers the opportunity for anyone in the community to contribute, collaborate and earn while supporting the most exciting projects in the blockchain industry.


Product Design

  • Veronica Stevany


  • Tubagus Putra (Front End + Back End)

Business Owner

  • Sang Lee

My Role

  • UX & flows planning
  • UI Design & prototyping
  • Find the developer (outsource) & internal coordination
  • Backend flow documentation

Product Research

Who are the Users?

Creators (earner)

Creators are the participants in the community that are submitting unique content based on the missions that are provided by the Starships.  Creators are the most important part of the DAO and propel the missions and the DAO forward together.

Starships (sponsor)

Starships are the protocols, projects, companies or communities that submit missions for the Creators to participate in.  Starships provide a consistent flow of needs and goals for the DAO to achieve and level up together.  


Layer3 lets the users earn crypto by contributing to a DAO. The users decide which community they want to contribute to, complete a pre-approved bounty (via a community’s Layer3 page), or earn via impression mining, and they will need to submit their participation and will be verified by the team.

RabbitHole lets users earn tokens (via Quests) and credentials (via Skills), setting the foundation for verifiable participation + contribution as the future of work. RabbitHole aims to be the best place to find talent & discover work in web3.

Ideation & User Flows

Based on the briefs & requirements given, I tried to create the user flows. By the type of users, we have 2 flows: the creator (earner), and starship (the organizer).

As the earner, what we want to do is :

  1. Explore all the bounties (which will be called missions)
  2. Explore the bounties based on the organizer/company (starship)
  3. Have clear information for the bounty
  4. Can easily participate

And as the sponsor, what we want to do is :

  1. Hold the bounty easily
  2. Guided well with the process

Estimated pages that will be designed are :

  1. Home
  2. Explore missions
  3. Mission details
  4. Claim mission reward
  5. Explore starships
  6. Starship details
  7. Create mission (existing starship)
  8. Create mission (new starship)

Design & Prototype


Since the project is small, not complicated, and has very limited time for the deadline, I decided to go straight to UI design and skipped the wireframe.

The design concept for this is “Earning crypto -> Gamified“. Therefore the feels, button styles, typography, all have the nuance of a futuristic gaming environment.

For homepage, I put a “punchline” as the copy, to let visitors know directly who are we, and what does this platform do. After a simple explanation, visitors are offered with 2 buttons, which is “Explore Missions” for the earner (or creator), and “Launch Mission” for sponsors.

I also put the main button as “Join Discord” for the “Register” button replacement (since we don’t have registration) for the users to join the community.

Explore Mission 

“Explore missions” page shows all the missions available, sorted by the date they were posted. It has category filter based on the type of mission.

The card has informations of : category, starship (sponsor), network type, title, reward amount, and the availability status.

Explore Starships

“Explore starships” page shows all the starships that sponsor the missions in HoldMyLedger DAO, or at least has been registered to be listed on HoldMyLedger DAO platform.

Starship Details

“Starship details” page shows the logo, description, social medias, and all the missions that sponsored by the starship.

Mission Details

When the mission card is clicked, user will be directed into mission detail page, and will able to see the detail of the mission, as well as the starship who sponsor the mission. Mission detail can be reached by several flows :

Clear Mission

When “Clear Mission” button is clicked, a popup will appeared. The popup requires the user to input the submission URL, twitter & discord ID, as well as the crypto address for payment if they qualified to receive the reward.

Create a Mission

To create a mission, the sponsor needs to be registered as a starship in HoldMyLedger DAO. If they already registered, they can choose their starship name which listed on the dropdown, and filled the required field directly. If they are new sponsor, they required to fill a data field to be registered as the starship. Later this field will be sent to the team’s email and will be reviewed. The rest of the flow will be a manual approach, because of the current limitation within the team.


In the future, we’ll add new features for users, as well as upgrading our platform in terms of technical capability.