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Karbon Network

Blockchain powered carbon credit market & investment targeting companies who look for or have surplus on their carbon credit supply.


The urgency to take action on climate change is more pressing than ever. Unfortunately, counter actions on damaging activities move very slowly compared to the rise of non-environmentally friendly activities. 


Carbon trading has become extremely popular today among individuals and organizations and carbon exchanges are starting to emerge. A polluter can purchase credits to cover the emissions they release into the air. Each credit equals one ton of CO2 equivalent (CO2e).

Karbon Network is a blockchain-powered marketplace that allows users to seamlessly offset their carbon emissions while supporting high-quality carbon removal projects to combat climate change. 


Product Design

  • Veronica Stevany

Brand Design

  • Veronica Stevany


  • Maud
  • Shimon

Product Research

Value Proposition

Karbon Network is offering a way to easily discover and invest in projects having a positive social and environmental impact with different levels of risks and the advantage of early investment.

Target Market

Persona 1: Project Owner

Company or group of individuals building environmental projects that may be eligible for the creation of voluntary carbon credits

Persona 2: Company/Investors

Traditional businesses that want to invest in projects get low-price carbon credit. And they want to buy carbon credits sometime to save the planet but most of the time to have a good public image.

Brainstorming session

Main architecture


Logo & Style

The logo incorporated the initial “k” from Karbon, as well as Konstellation. While the C shape on the outside is the chemical element for Carbon. Not to mention the green color is to give the eco element for the logo.

Karbon Network is a B2B project, therefore, a formal overall look is shaped to show the professionalism of the project. With clean-looking, photo-oriented, and dominated by line elements, we managed to achieve the eco professional look.

UI/UX Design System



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Project Registration

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