Veronica Stevany


Poliwallet Mobile Apps

Poliwallet is a P2P wallet that enables users to mint, display, and do transactions of their NFTs directly from the wallet.


Poliwallet is developed for Schelling Point 2022 hackathon, and it took 3 weeks from ideation, design, and development.


With the rising fame of 2 NFT marketplaces: OpenSea and Rarible, there are plenty of users that are actually new to crypto. However, the complexity of the user flow often becomes a challenge for them.

  1. For mobile users, they need to have a separate wallet to be able to do transactions in the marketplace, which is only accessible in the browser. The marketplace’s app is only available to browse only.
  2. To do a transaction, users need to go back and forth from wallet to browser.
  3. They need to access OpenSea and Rarible separately because they are two different marketplaces.


Fluence provides the infrastructure and tools to enable decentralized compute for applications and backends on peer-to-peer networks. This enables us to build a P2P wallet and fetch listing from different marketplaces in the wallet, and let users do transactions directly in their wallet.

Users can browse, transact, save, send, and receive the assets directly in one application only.


Product Design

Brand Design


Project Manager


Product Research

Features brainstorming

  • What features can be done?
  • What can be fetched from the marketplace?
  • What user wants to see in the wallet?

We narrowed them down first before start creating the information architecture.

Challenge & process

With features that have never existed on another wallet, it’s a challenge for us to map the flow and the information architecture. After a lot of discussions, wireframing, and revisions, we finally finalize our wallet’s flow.

Main architecture

The wallet will have 3 pages on the main navigation, which is divided by NFT wallet, Marketplace, and Coin wallet.

The NFT wallet will display the assets based on two purposes: NFT for collectibles, and NFT for utilities. And directly from the list, they can choose to send it or sell it from their wallet to the marketplace.


Name, Logo, & Wireframe

We decided to use “water” as our concept. From there, we brainstormed and create options for the name. We voted and the choosen name goes to Poliwallet, which comes from Poliwag, the water pokemon.

And while the brand is being developed, I created the wireframes which go around 3 iterations. The cool thing is — the team is never met once, even with a video call. We only discussed and gather feedback by discord, but everything still going well.


Design & Prototype

So.. what you can do with Poliwallet?

Separate assets based on the purpose

NFTs as collectible

(Expand like a pulled card)

NFTs as utility

NFTs as utility

Explore… marketplaces!

Explore a mixed marketplace

Complete asset’s details

Buy or bid, it’s up to you!

See creators collection

Mint and sell NFTs

Create, Categorize, Claim

Mint an NFT

Sell to marketplaces

Sell on fixed price or auction

Store your coins

Store coins

Send & receive asset

Change wallet easily

Select assets to be shown

And.. more!

Try the prototype