Veronica Stevany


The Negative Space

When : May 2020 – July 2020

Client : Tomy


A multi-brand online selection of products that serve to complement your multifaceted lifestyles in a modern and ever-evolving society. Started from 2019, with Rains as TNS first brand to offer minimalistic and inclusive essentials. From then TNS try to bring more products in conjunction to providing quality lifestyle to the market with additional brands from many part of the world.


Provide an e-commerce website as the platform to reach customers that pleasant to use.


Establish TNS e-commerce website that attract customers to shift from the TNS in marketplace.

Brand Design Concept

  • Simple
  • Minimalist
  • Clean
  • Modern

Client’s role

  • Information Architecture
  • Concept
  • Customer research

My Role

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer


  • WordPress
  • WPBakery Visual Composer
  • Slider Revolution
  • CSS

Reference from client


Customer Background

Customers ranging between young adult to adult, with middle up economy background, live a minimalism & modern lifestyle.

Unique Selling Point

– Simplicity
– Inclusivity
– Quality
– Monochromatic



The wireframe structure is built based on client’s brief and notes using Balsamiq. After the wireframe is approved, design process is continued using WPBakery Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and CSS, inside WordPress CMS, so the design is a live & real prototype.

After the design finished, the e-commerce system is added, we are using Woocommerce. And for the payment method we’re using Midtrans to let the customers pay with credit card, debit card, virtual account, e-wallets, and more. The payment will be auto confirmed and will let the order status auto-changed to processing.

Shopping Flow

Final design

The new arrivals and selections are became the hero image. Below the hero image, some custom-selected products carousel are put there, to increase the discoverability and the sales for those products. Below the product carousel, six main brands are shown as a shortcut for the customers. After that, two main categories from the main brand, Rains, are being showcased. As the homepage closing, three benefits from TNS are lined before the website footer.

Product List

Product Detail



Other pages

Success Metric

A stable number of customers start using the web platform to buy the products since the web release on July. 

What Can be Improved

The numbers can be increased by digital marketing and promotion in the future.